Physical Therapy

PT 1Physical Therapy treatments vary depending upon the needs of the patient and the impairments/functional limitations identified in the evaluation. Almost always treatments include manual therapy such as stretching, massage and joint mobilizations. Also common to every treatment plan is a progressive exercise routine involving a low to high level of challenge, depending upon the individuals needs. If necessary gait, stair training or wheelchair training are done to assist in mobility. For some, treatment may focus on transfers and improving mobility in and out of the house. Another common treatment is working on balance to prevent falls or recurrent injuries such as ankle sprains.

Fitness routines and training programs are designed by the Dr. Sall for the injured or non-injured individual. A customized routine will be designed for you whether you are an athlete, dancer, first time gym goer or seasoned gym rat, novice race participant or veteran competitor, a sedentary person, or a fit person. Again, this service can be incorporated into a Physical Therapy treatment plan or done independently.

The comprehensive skills and experience of our clinical staff, allow us to relieve your pain, increase your mobility and get you back into your daily routine.

We treat a variety of injuries and diagnosis, including…post surgical, car accident, workers’ comp, arthritis, tendinitis, joint replacement, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and post fracture.