About Us

Welcome to Physical Therapy Rehab Plus, P.C.,/Aquatic Therapy & Chiropractic where providing the highest level of hands-on, personal care are the hallmarks of our practice. Conveniently located in St. James and Coram, in Suffolk County New York and serving the surrounding North Shore areas.

At Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C., / Aquatic Therapy & Chiropractic, we listen to you. We evaluate you and your problem and plan your treatment according to your goals, whether you want to return to high-level sports, get back to work, lift your child, walk, climb the stairs or simply bend over without pain!

Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C., / Aquatic Therapy & Chiropractic is Suffolk County’s choice for one-on-one alternative healthcare. When your doctor prescribes physical therapy, ask for Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C., the north shores’ one-on-one aquatic therapy center.

At Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C., / Aquatic Therapy & Chiropractic, the difference is clear. Our dedicated physical therapists and Chiropractor possess advanced clinical expertise, genuine caring, and a strong reputation in the medical community for patients in need of rehabilitation and the conservative approach to their healthcare needs!

Our holistic approach includes non-surgical treatment to relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future injury. Physical therapy, in conjunction with patient education, fitness, wellness and ergonomics (body mechanics) training, ensures that you receive quality care to help shorten your recovery time and optimize results.

We specialize in aquatic therapy.

Whether it is an orthopedic injury, a neurological problem, sports injury, joint replacement or an injury to your neck, back, hip, knee, foot, shoulder or elbow, Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C. will get you back in the game of life. From soft tissue rehab and joint mobilization, therapeutic modalities, and gait training to pre and post surgical rehabilitation, our physical therapists provide manual therapy to target problems and custom-tailored rehabilitation programs that get real results.

Experience the Rehab Difference, call Physical Therapy Rehab Plus.

At Physical Therapy Rehab PLUS, P.C. /Aquatic Therapy & Chiropractic, we deliver personal care that gets you results.